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Taymer Mason is a food scientist, clean cosmetic developer and best-selling cookbook author. She is known for her international cook book entitled Caribbean Vegan published in 2010 and then 2016. Taymer started her food science career in Barbados when she interned at Hipac Limited.



This experienced helped her hone in on her food science skills. She moved to France in 2008 and started recreating Caribbean classics with a vegan twist. Mason worked as a hygiene manager for the government of France and used her position to introduce children on the island of Saint Martin to consume more vegetables through delicious smoothies.



Mason lives in Barbados where she works as an independent consultant to organizations in the United Kingdom whose interest is in vegan diets. In 2019 Mason started the plant-based start up called Tay’s Kitchen. She is developed gluten, soy and wheat free high protein meat alternative which uses root vegetables and tropical plants.  She also hosts several plant-based workshops and supper clubs in Barbados that have gained popularity.




Mason moved to Toronto in 2016 and worked with two leading supermarkets offer Caribbean style vegan cooking classes throughout the GTA. She also launched a small batch brand of condiments including a modern version of Barbadian pepper sauce and BBQ sauce. Mason, a regular at several festivals in Toronto did several pop ups showcasing her vegan jerk mac and cheese which was a cult favourite.

Hi I need to say a big thank you to you. I have been diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time but this time I have decided to take things into my own hands. So becoming vegan is one thing which I was dreading but your book has saved me even my kids they love the lentil patty …so once more thank you xxxx

Sarah Bartram


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I use a Samsung S9.
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Island Sushi.
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My dearest Taffy passed in 2018. She is still alive and well in my heart.

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